Project Name: Endurance Swimmer Fundraise for UNHCR
Type of Project: Live Action
Client: UNHCR


United Kingdom for UNHCR was our client for this project. They were looking for unique and experienced content creators who could tell stories effectively and beautifully. Thier aim was to create a promotional video that would not only showcase the fundraising activity of one of thier best fundraisers but also remind people about the good cause he is doing it for.


We sat down with the team and identified what story and emotion they wished to get across with the finished piece. They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to do, they didn’t want animation for this piece and instead wanted to capture James (the fundraiser) in his element. All we had to do was bring the “how” and make sure we tell the story in a way that it resonated with the target audience.
We created the storyboard for the project using a mixture of reference images and illustrations in order to help plan the shots we would capture on the day.


The result was a live action promo with some motion graphics that achieved exactly what we set out to achieve. We delivered the video in various formats including square format for instagram, and short versions for social media stories. It was an honour to collaborate with an organisation that is doing such amazing things in the world and actively helping to better our world. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in the UK was a great client to work with and we would be looking forward to working with them again.


Incredibly happy with the videos, they’ve come out exactly how I’d imagined them (and so much more!) We’ve had some really positive feedback on them so I’d just like to say a huuuuge thank you again for all your work on this! I couldn’t have imagined how much work, time and effort goes into a social media video, so props to you! I was literally beaming from ear to ear when I saw them posted on our channels.

Shazzia Hassam

Senior Supporter Experience Officer, United Kingdom for UNHCR