Project Name: Moon – Kanye Wet
Type of Project: Animation
Client: Internal Project


As this was an internal project, the client would be ourselves. One of our producers was enjoying the new Kanye West album and a particular track painted the feeling of flying to the moon. We decided to indulge in some playful creation and what initially began as a sketch soon turned into a short looped animation.   

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What we did

At first we envisioned flying a rocket to the moon, but then being the nerds that we are, we thought what if he rode a board to the moon like a cool silver surfer. This is part of the fun of the concept development stage which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

We went through our usual process, of storyboarding first, before the animatic and then finally animating the full thing. As this was an internal project we did get a little ahead of ourselves at some point and rendered some of the scenes fully during the animatic stage before we were ready. On the bright side, the process was also very quick and this was completed within a short period of time.

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The Result

The result was a relatively fun and enjoyable 20-second loop of playful action that we enjoyed making and hoped showcased some of the imaginative spirits at Ronu Creative.

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