Project Name: CD4 Story
Type of Project: Animation
Client: Viiv Healthcare


The client was Viiv Healthcare. They got in touch with us through Havas: Just and wanted to create an important campaign that would impact lives and the world in a positive manner. The aim of the campaign was to not only help raise awareness about HIV but also to correct the many misunderstandings about it. The main messages they wanted to get out were “HIV has changed” and “Knowledge is Power”


We started by listening to and understanding the brief from the client. They wanted to tell a story that would not only help raise awareness but also inform. We were then left to do our own research on the topic. This included reading up on the subject as well as interviewing advocates which Viiv and Havas: Just were more than happy to help facilitate.
After this research and planning stage, we came up with multiple concepts which we then presented to all the stakeholders. They loved a number of our ideas but ultimately decided that the short CD4 story would be the most effective as a first step. Once given the go-ahead we worked hand in hand with them to create something that we could all be proud of.


The result is this fun animation that went viral almost as soon as it was put out. Garnering over 2 million views on twitter, 60k retweets just within the first few days of putting it out. This was an ideal campaign for us to work on because it embodies exactly what Ronu Creative is all about. Our aim is always to tell stories with a purpose, stories that can positively impact lives, stories that help us further the understanding of one another. We would like to thank Havas: Just and Viiv Healthcare for giving us the opportunity to do just that. This is why Ronu Creative exists.


The ideas and inspiration brought to the project were fantastic. The ideas were able to take highly complex and stigmatised content and make it both simple and engaging. The ability to take in the feedback from the steering committee to build a unique visual language which worked seamlessly with the script. The team were lovely to work with, personable and amiable – open to feedback and available for discussions when needed, also open to exploring ideas and creativity from all stakeholders. They worked with a high level of professionalism while letting their personalities and dedication shine through.

Havas Just Team

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