Project Name: BNH Animations
Type of Project: Animation
Client: Ronu Spirit


We regularly create fun simple character animations for Ronu Spirit; particularly for their Basic Nigerian History series. These short animations are supposed to tell particular stories of events that happened in the history of the West African Nation of Nigeria.


We receive the script of a particular episode from the Ronu Spirit team, then we create storyboards that we believe will best convey what is being said at that point and ensure the Ronu Spirit team is happy with it before moving on to the animation stage.


Short quirky and fun animations that break up the usual feel of the Basic Nigerian History videos and make it especially engaging and interesting at the same time.

Heritage is important to who we all are, wouldn’t you agree? Where do we come from? What is our history? Our culture? For a lot of Africans in the diaspora as well as Africans in Africa some of this information is missing. We wanted to fill that void which is why we were happy to work on the Basic Nigerian History series. We took our talents for animation and contributed to this beautiful series that not only inspires but also educates the Africans globally.