Project Name: A Grenfell Story
Type of Project: Animation
Client: Internal Project


This animation was created for George The Poet and Ben Brick’s award-winning Podcast. The idea was to create a short and engaging animation that would tell the story of the Grenfell tower episode (Episode 3) in the best way possible.

What we did

We listened to the episode and started off by picking out the most important part of the story. We only had a limit of 3 minutes to work with and had to tell the story within this time whilst making sure to keep it impactful and relatable. Using the audio from the animation we put together a 3-minute story that we believed conveyed exactly what we wanted.

We then began with the character designs and environment development, created storyboards using our 3-minute audio as a guide and turned the storyboard into an animatic in order to ensure our timing worked perfectly. 

Once that was done, all that was left was to animate and add extras such as effects and composition.


The result was a powerful and quality animation that conveyed the impact and the emotion we were going for from the very beginning. A short animation that tells the story of characters whose lives were forever changed by the events of Grenfell.


Absolutely incredible. Your work ethic and drive (and work) is outstanding.

Paul Carter

Producer, Have You Heard Georges Podcast