It’s been a while since we made a post about the Ronu Creative brand but because so much has changed over the past year including a new look to our website. We figured this might be the time for a quick recap.

First of all, a quick background on how the London-based animation company got started. We started as a storytelling UK brand that creates its own original and multicultural stories via comics and illustrations. From there we quickly moved into the animation realm and soon realised that storytelling and marketing actually go hand in hand. This then led to the brilliant idea of building a UK-based creative agency around storytelling. That way we could function as a production company that enjoys doing what we love and what we are best at, whilst also providing our services to those in need of it.

This gives us the additional advantage of being able to bring our storytelling expertise to the short form media format which is of paramount importance in the marketing & advertising industry. Our years of working with the Ronu Spirit team to create their educational BNH videos has also given us an edge when it comes to breaking down complex topics and technical subjects into digestible and relatable formats.

We will continue to use our skill and creativity to take things to the next level and deliver not only high-quality and professional animations but also unique and captivating stories. We will do this whilst keeping in mind the underlying goal of creating a positive social impact on our society and making the world a better place; one project at a time.