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Almier is an ongoing action and drama comic/manga series that is usually released on the first Friday of every month (except when stated otherwise). It is a story about a teenage boy of African descent living and schooling in London. One day he decides to stand up to some bullies who are attempting to rob another boy his age. This leads to a slippery slope and he finds himself in a world he knows very little about, a world of superhumans, powerful ideologies, global politics and world leaders.

We have currently finished the entirety of season one, and all eleven chapters of season one are free and available to read on our website here. You don’t need to sign up or pay or anything, just click to begin this adventurous journey with young Hakim and his best friend Luke Brown. Once you’ve read and enjoyed all eleven chapters, there are an extra hidden 9 chapters that tell the more detailed stories about other awesome characters in the series.You can unlock these hidden chapters simply by joining our online Patreon community. For as little as $1 a month, you can directly support Ronu Creative and help fund the projects you love as well as get awesome perks and rewards such as access to exclusive content and an opportunity to appear in one of the future manga chapters.

Ronu Creative is an independent brand which means all of our titles are self-funded, this unfortunately also means that it’s not so easy for us to keep all our titles going at the same time. We’re currently waiting to hit our first goal on Patreon so that we can afford to continue work on Almier and create an even more amazing second season. If you enjoy the series and like what we do, then join our Patreon community to get access to exclusive, hidden chapters and much more enjoyable content.

P.S: The series is also available on the Tapastic and Comixology apps