Hey Guys

We have officially rebranded and changed our name from KIRU (comics) to Ronu Creative

As many of you may know, we used to go by the name Kiru a.k.a Kiru Comics. However, after much deliberations and facing certain issues online with the name, we decided it was time for a rebrand. So we worked and thought hard to come up with a new name. One that will be as good as Kiru, short and simple yet powerful and meaningful. And so we discovered Ronu Creative. We love the name Ronu because not only does it show our love for sub-Saharan Africa¬†but also because it holds a similar powerful meaning to Kiru and is just as short and simple.¬† Ronu means ‘think’ in the Yoruba language and also fits well with our message of ‘creating Responsible Original Narratives that promote Understanding’

We took away the comics part from the old name and replaced it with ‘creative’ as we know we won’t simply be making comics. We plan to do much more than that and expand into animations, films and much more. However not to worry if anyone that hasn’t seen this post yet tries to go to kirucomics.co.uk, they will simply be redirected to this website so all is well. This is just a courtesy.

Ronu Creative is a name that we can truly say we are proud of and hopefully won’t ever need to change again.