Jinn Detectives Introduction

A fantasy comic/manga series that features a Muslim main character and dives into the beliefs in Arab mythology and Islam.

After the murder of his family, Hani sets out to get revenge on the Jinni that organized their deaths. With the help of a good female Jinni and some friends he becomes a Jinn detective, using his skills to clamp down on criminal Jinn activity all over the world, whilst still seeking his revenge.

Jinn detectives is a fictional story of the fantasy genre that draws heavily on Arabic mythology of genies as well as Islamic beliefs on the topic. It is a completed series so far. There is a possibility that we might continue the story but that depends on the fans and if they truly want more. For free access to behind the scenes, be sure to support us on Patreon. You can also read the comic on other webcomic sites such as Tapas and Webtoons

Chapter 1

Out Of the Blue – A surprise entrance to an upper-class party

Chapter 2

Wake Up! – Hani wakes up to tackle a new case given to them by the commissioner. A high profile death in Dubai.

Chapter 3

The Wife – Hani talks with the wife of the victim, trying to get an idea of what may have happened.

Chapter 4

Ninil – Ninil arrives on the scene, and Hani enlists her to help solve the mystery.

Chapter 5

Bottom Line – Hani and Naji end up at the police station and have a run in with the Captain.

Chapter 6

Al Amri Brothers – Naji the master of disguise comes up with a new look for both himself and Hani.

Chapter 7

The Brother – The Jinn Detectives approach the brother of the victim at an improvised wake.

Chapter 8

The Rival – Hani and Naji pursue a new lead.

Chapter 9

The Truth – The team gets one step closer to the truth with the help of Ninil.

Chapter 10

Confrontation – The gloves come off and the team attempts to confront the culprit. Hani and Ninil carry out a tag team attack.

Chapter 11

Pysch! – A new character appears. The master behind the puppet.

Chapter 12

Kando – The Jinn Detectives hunt down Kando with the help of Ninil.

Chapter 13

Showdown – The battle heats up as Hani and Naji do their best to take down the criminals.

Chapter 14

TakeDown – Ninil joins the fight and reveals her true strength.