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We are Ronu Creative. A fun, independent and creative brand that loves stories and all things creative. We LOVE telling original, multicultural and socially responsible, stories via different mediums; ie books, comics, live action, and animation. We are currently working on multiple comic/manga projects of which our dream is for them to become successful broadcast quality animations or feature-length films, as well as other creative projects successful (such as our youtube Nigerian History series e.t.c). Our goal is to make our brand “Ronu Creative” be one that is known as the go-to brand for entertainment that fuels the imagination and also encourages deep thought.

Unfortunately being independent also means being self-funded so it’s not so easy for us to take on projects (no matter how much we might want to) that require a huge financial commitment. This is where you guys come in, if you like what we do and what we stand for then you can easily support us by going to our Patreon page and becoming a member of the online Ronu community. This way you will not only be helping to create our amazing projects but you will also get free access to exclusive and special content such as hidden chapters, behind the scenes access, our coveted full color spectacular graphic novels, private behind the scenes moments as well as discounts on most of our merch. Your pledges will allow us to be able to continue doing what we love at the high quality you have all come to expect from us.