Jinn Detectives Introduction

Jinn detectives is an experimental one short graphic novel created by Hameed Catel and one of two derivatives of our first ever comic project, the Jinn Manga. It is a fictional story of the fantasy genre with many imaginative and creative elements. The story centres around a young man called Hani who has dedicated his life to stopping the activities of the bad Jinn in today’s world.

After the murder of his family, Hani sets out to get revenge on the Jinni that organised their deaths. However, with the help of a good female Jinni called Ninil and some good friends, he is able to make his life about more than just revenge. He is able to make his life about something positive, helping others and making the world a better place in general. He becomes a Jinn detective, and with his friends start their own private international agency which accepts requests from people all over the world.

Hani is now determined to use his set of unique skills to clamp down on criminal Jinn activity all over the world, but will his thirst for revenge eventually lead to something better to drag him down into the darkness?

The graphic novel is in full complete colour and is approximately 90 pages long. It is available for purchase on our website and Amazon or you can get free access to read the whole thing by being one of our Patreon supporters.

Almier Introduction

In a world similar to ours, a select few individuals are able to develop extraordinary abilities. After a period of chaos and destruction known as “The Dark Days”, the world nations decided the best way to manage these phenomena was to create a nation that could monitor and contain these individuals. This nation was called the Almier nation. Individuals with supernatural abilities (known as flame users) have to join the Almier nation and successfully become an Almier before they are allowed back to their normal lives. If they refuse or cannot achieve the status of Almier, these individuals are permanently sealed away from their abilities and can no longer access them.

Hakim is a teenage boy of African descent living and schooling in London. One day he decides to stand up to some bullies who are attempting to rob another boy his age. This leads to a slippery slope and he finds himself in a world he knows very little about, a world of superhumans, powerful ideologies, global politics and world leaders.

Almier is an ongoing project with many hidden stories. As well as the main storyline, there are other alternate stories that are told in the hidden chapters. For free access to the hidden chapters, be sure to support us on Patreon.

Champion of dema Introduction

In the village of Dema, a Champion is magically chosen at random every ten years to uphold justice and defend the village against evil beings known as soul-takers. A new 10 year period has just begun and Kade has been chosen as the new Champion of Dema and bestowed with the powers of the Champion. Overnight he became the most important person in his village. However, unfortunately for everyone, Kade is a self-serving, tactless, opportunistic thief who will gladly enjoy the celebrity status of being a Champion but has no intentions of taking on the responsibility and doing the work.

Champion of Dema is a full-colour graphic novel with over 150 pages. It is a fun fantasy adventure with an African theme to it as well as imaginative creatures, cities, and societies. It also has a universal story and message that we believe everyone can relate to no matter who you are or where you’re from. It shows that everyone has a champion, a positive force within them, you simply have to make the effort and the champion in you will shine.

A lot of work has gone into this project from the custom design of each character all the way to the detailed level of design for the village of Dema. As readers, you can expect a great storyline, well-rounded characters and a whole new world in which to lose yourself in.

IMO Introduction


IMO is an experimental 20 page one-shot comic about how hearts clouded with hatred and ignorance leads us to do evil deeds. Written by Hameed Catel, this short piece of literature and art aims to inform as well as entertain and it focuses on one of the many problems of humanity.

Dr. Catel is teaching a class somewhere in northern Nigeria when some men with evil intent attack the school. The strange thing is these men have somehow deluded themselves into believing their actions of unprovoked violence and destruction is justified. Dr. Catel does his best to try to find out why and turn them from their path, but it seems they are set on their course of action, just then a masked individual shows up.

IMO is in full colour and illustrated in a style inspired by Japanese manga, it also features a superhero that might feature in some of our other projects so keep an eye out. This title is a great example of Ronu Creative’s attempt to share knowledge in a responsible manner whilst still keeping things creative and entertaining. We hope that it can bring us all that one step closer to living harmoniously with each other.