Champion of Dema Introduction

Our latest African inspired comic/manga series is here and now in full glorious colour.

Kade Ya Mabrin is a self-serving, opportunistic thief who only looks out for number one. Unfortunately, he has just been chosen by the magical spirit of his village to be the people’s champion. The people of the village are worried and rightly so; Kade may have been granted a champion’s powers but the true question is will he carry out the champion’s duties? Or will he do something completely different?

Champion of Dema is a fun Afrocentric fantasy adventure that draws heavily on African culture and traditions during its storytelling. It also has a universal story and message that we believe everyone can relate to no matter who you are or where you’re from. 

A lot of work has gone into getting the feel right on this project; from the custom design of the characters all the way to the detailed level of design for the fantastical village of Dema. As readers, you will know you’re reading an African comic and can expect a great storyline, well-rounded characters and a whole new African inspired world in which to lose yourself in.

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Chapter 1

Banned – Kade is unjustly blamed for patronising a betting house the best way he knows how.

Chapter 2

New Champion- There’s a new champion in town and he’s somewhat different.

Chapter 3

Self-defence – Kade offers some free self-defence classes to the youths.

Chapter 4

New Friends – With the help of an old friend, Kade scouts for new friends to play with.

Chapter 5

Stage 1 – As Kade follows his best friend making steps, he is interrupted by something unexpected.

Chapter 6

True Nobility – Young Batam isn’t scared. He displays only true nobility.

Chapter 7

Willing Saviour – Kade eagerly helps others that probably don’t even need it… just like a true champion should.

Chapter 8

Caring Champion– Kade displays his incredible affection and concern for his fellow people.

Chapter 9

Rain – Kade valiantly attempts to lead the rescued villagers to the safety of the village walls through the rain.

Chapter 10

Battle – The champion goes up against the soul takers.

Chapter 11

Stepping Up – Kade steps up to a higher level of Champion duties

Chapter 12

Martyr – Kade offers himself as a sacrifice for the sake of the villagers.