Champion of Dema African Comics

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Great News Guys!

We have just completed the full coloured version of very own original Afrocentric comic /manga series “Champion of Dema”, and it is NOW AVAILABLE to read FOR FREE right here on our website. We will ensure this African comic remains exclusively available on the Ronu Creative website for the next month before we put it on other comic/manga websites such as webtoons and Tapas.

For those who might not know what Champion of Dema is about, here’s a quick synopsis:

Kade Ya Mabrin is a self-serving, opportunistic thief who only looks out for number one. Unfortunately, he has just been chosen by the magical spirit of his village to be the people’s champion. The people of the village are worried and rightly so; Kade may have been granted a champion’s powers but the true question is will he carry out the champion’s duties? Or will he do something completely different?

Click here to begin reading it immediately and see it in its full-colour glory.

We hope you enjoy the story as much as we did making it for you.