Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Ronu Creative’s latest project Basic Nigerian History, where Dr. Catel will be exploring the history of the land that eventually became Nigeria all the way from the very beginning till the present day.

In this Episode, Dr. Catel discusses the first humans and human habitation in the areas that became Nigeria, long before anything was written down. He also investigates agricultural techniques and craftsmanship that occurred as well as the various different societies that developed.

This is an ongoing series that will be split up into digestible bite-sized chunks and will be released monthly. Our aim is to share the knowledge of history the Ronu Creative style which is; in a fun and engaging way. We don’t want to bore you with facts or bombard you with a large amount of information in one go. We would rather present history in the form of a story because as you know, we are in love with telling stories.

So come with us on the fun and interesting journey, on the way we will learn not only about Nigerian History but also about other West African nations and ancient empires such as Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Kanem, Dahomey and much more. We will also touch on the era of transatlantic slavery and the European scramble for Africa.

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