About Us

We are a fun, independent and creative brand that loves stories and all things creative. We specialize in telling original, multicultural and socially responsible, stories via different mediums; ie books, comics, live action, and animation.

We pride ourselves on telling stories with a difference and this is the meaning behind the brand name.

Ronu means ‘Think’ in the Yoruba language. Not only do we put a lot of thought into our projects, but we also work on projects that encourage everyone (including ourselves) to think a little deeper. This is because we believe that everything we do should have a useful purpose, whether it is to refuel the imaginative mind or to share knowledge in order to promote understanding between one another. Either way, we aim to do so in a socially responsible manner.

Our Values

As stories are the oldest and most common method of spreading information and education it would be negligent of us if we didn’t at least try to stay true to the roots of storytelling by using it as a medium in which to share knowledge.

This is important because with knowledge comes understanding, and we believe that if we can just get more people to understand one another, then the world would certainly be a better place for it. Understanding gives us the ability for patience and tolerance. It allows us to respect diversity in mankind & resolve conflicts between one another.

Now this is all well and good but stories also need to be fun and entertaining and at Ronu Creative we’re all about fun and the creative mind. If there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that all of our projects will have an imaginative and creative element to it. After all, we’re only in this world for a short time, why be boring? Plus every idea or concept that ever led to great achievements started in someone’s imagination. We can’t let such an important tool simply die out. This is why we will be striving to refuel the imagination, to broaden it and give it back the spark it once had.

It should be noted that we will strive to make sure everything we do is done in a responsible manner, as we want our works to have a positive social impact on the world. We are on a long mission to make the world a better place, one day at a time.